Elle Karen Christmas Anal by Rex | Blade & Soul


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Elle Karen Christmas Anal

When you to busy in your workplace you must not waste your time during the holidays, look our favorite proprietress of the Tomon Inn Elle Karen she is too busy running the inn and when the Christmas holidays come she spends it with her favorite thing, anal sex! yes, a sexy blonde chick from Blade & Soul video games always goes full lewd mode when Christmas comes, she will wear her new sexy X-Mas lingerie and beg for Santa to give her a best anal sex she ever had! why waiting for Santa? when you can come and make her CUM with your own cock, she is a really good dancer, you know what that means? yes, all the penetration with her will make your cock forget every chick hole and make you only thinking about her! she really good at it carefully don’t ruin her days by cum first before her, or Santa will punish bad guy like you!

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